10′ WIDE x ANY LENGTH Indoor Putting Green / Simulator Putting Carpet


Perfect material for large indoor putting area projects! Combine with 7/16″  with moisture barrier facing UP,  for a pristine feel, finish, and look – ALL for a fraction of the cost of rubber or artificial alternatives!

***Our camry carpet + padding combo also DEADENS BOUNCE BACK and SOUND for your home golf simulator!***

Your indoor putting green/simulator putting green will roll at a speed of 11-11.5 and easily adjustable with our Heavy Duty Levers. (PERFECT FOR AIM POINT PRACTICE***)

You can adhere the camry carpet straight to a wooden subfloor with 4″ deep holes cut out, or you can simply use carpet padding at least 7/16″ thick with a moisture barrier side,  and TOP it off with our camry carpet rolls to create a putting area you can use for years.

Our material is super easy to work with and, if needed, we will aid you along the ENTIRE project via text/email so your project goes smoothly! Our expertise and experience with over 1000 customer projects/photos are BOUND to help.

For Free DIY Build Plan and inquires on sizing please call us or email us at [email protected] – Our response time is instant!

Email us for padding recommendations, and custom lengths, and bulk orders for new local golf simulator businesses.



  • 10×30 = $875
  • 10×20  = $650
  • 10×15 + $550
  • 10×10 = $450

For other sizing inquires or questions about a project  please email us at [email protected]

Current turnover time is 1-2 weeks

We also provide bulk pricing for widths of 4.5′ rolls. 150 Yards per Roll.

Bulk 10′ wide rolls by Any Length also available upon request. Perfect for new Local Golf Simulators opening  up. 

Video Of Roll — > Camry Putting Roll (Pure!!)

For All shipped carpet on, for buyer returns, we provide refund with a 30% restocking fee, due to the nature of the product.

Add slope and change speed to your putting green in seconds by using our Heavy Duty Levers —>

10’x10′ sim / putting green with NO BOUNCE BACK


Flat and True Putting Greens For Putter Fittings 
10’x15′ perfect practice putting area


20×25′ dream simulator with camry

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 120 × 144 in

10'x10', 10'x20', 10'x30', 10'x15', 10'x25', 10'x27', 10'x21', 10'x12', 10'x16'


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