Camry’s Showcase – Customer Projects

CamryGolf has served over +500 Golfers create their own putting greens for a fraction of the cost. Here are a few projects to bounce some idea’s!

Hey Sam,
We built this in my sons basement.
He works for the PGA and his daughter and son play competitive
They say it rolls perfect!
Thanks for your services!

20′ putting green – slight break. Product Link: Camry Golf Carpet – 54″ x 20′ Roll

Our DIY allows for Perfect putting practice at home, anytime.

For Players: Throw down chalk Lines for Practice just like a real putting green.

‘Lit’ Man cave Putting Green – 4′ x 10′

Columbus, OHIO // 12′ x 15′

Augusta Inspired Putting Green 9 x 15′

Chicago, Illinois // 4′ x 20′

Wisconsin // 20′ x 20′ // Large indoor putting green

Ohio // 10′ x 15′

Aurora, CANADA // 9′ x 24′

Uxbridge, CANADA // 8 x 12

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