4.5’x120″ Camry Golf Carpet + DIY Build Plan + 2 regulation golf cups

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Camry Carpet is used by PGA Tour pros as is best emulates Tour level greens. 11 speed and true in every direction. You can even throw down chalk lines for practice!

– 54″ x 120″ Camry golf carpet roll

– Regulation sized golf cup 4″ deep

– Free DIY build plan below.


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Indoor Putting Green DIY Build Plan

Indoor Putting Green DIY Build Plan – Materials, Slopes, Carpet, Application

An indoor putting green could be extremely valuable. It could be for you, or it could also be a practice area for your son/daughter. We at Camry see it as an investment. There’s no better feeling than putting at home while watching the game or the weather isn’t cooperating. An indoor putting green is not appreciated enough until it’s 100+ degrees outside or below 0 and freezing!

If you have some pretty basic tools lying around and are at least a little handy, you can do this no sweat. For reference, a 4×15′ green like the one below would cost ~$200 to build – carpet and all materials in!

Links to the exact items I purchased to build this green are also be listed below.

2×4 framing , 2×4 horizontal beams 

2×4 frame, 2×4 horizontal beams for support (typically 1.5′ – 2.5′ feet apart)

Topped off with 3/4” particle board for the base. 

Particle board or Plywood works. 1/2″ or 3/4″ are ideal.

Drill holes using hole saw – 4 1/4″. Product link

Apply  Roberts  6700 using 1/16″ trowel to FINELY spread using the teeth pattern. UNROLL Camry carpet  on for an even and gentle adhesion. smooth gently with soft book and repeat  Product Link:

Product below :

Slit a small ‘X’ in the carpet with an exacto-knife where the Holes are and slide in Regulation cups for a flush Look.

Regulation Cups should be bought 4″ deep. Product Link

To Add break ; Use Furniture levers!

Our Levers are the easiest way to add undulation to make right to left, or even slower uphill putts.

A Couple of Notes

  • Build it where you want to use it if you can.  It will be awkward to move.
  • You can adjust this build to whatever size you want to make it.  The only tricky part may be making sure the underlayment is perfectly flush if you have to use more than 1 piece.  We suggest planning 4′ width increment greens since the particle board comes at 4′ standard from local shops.
  •  Camry carpet is the best roll, and also shaves off about $100 vs the Big Moss artifical turf. Simply choose out the sizing you need from our Shop, or email us at camrygolfgreens@outlook,com for custom sizing. Prices are going to vary and we always do our best to get the best price.
  • Slit an X in the carpet! people try to make the mistake of cutting out a perfect circle- thats a NO-NO. This will save you a lot of trouble and it will no doubt be cleaner than you or I can do it.  Use an exacto knife and make the x just large enough for the cups to slide in flush with the carept wedge in between the cup and wood.
  • Use tarp to cover if you are placing it outside.
  • With these dimensions, you can comfortably practice up to a 15ft putt and add break to it if you want. The material rolls at 11 speed, but you can use the furniture levels on one end to hit uphill putts rolling at 7-10 speed(ITS AMAZING).
Finished Product. 4′ x 15′ for $200 All-In! ?

I hope this helps!

Links to the products used:

1 1/16″ Trowel – Amazon

Hole Saw – Amazon

Furniture Levelers  – Amazon

Regulation 4″ Deep Cups  –

Camry Trunk Carpet Putting Surface-

3M Carpet/ Wood All purpose Adhesive – Amazon

9 reviews for 4.5’x120″ Camry Golf Carpet + DIY Build Plan + 2 regulation golf cups

  1. Sonia

    Rolls amazing, great quality, at an affordable price!

  2. Dhaval Patel

    Read about Webb Simpson using this on GolfWRX and I am super happy about the purchase – rolls great and true as described – also super fast shipping! A+++ seller

  3. Jason R.

    Product as described – the material rolls great and Sam, from Camry Golf aided me through the ENTIRE building process which saved me so much time and effort for planning. I thought that was great. (They send build plans on request so make sure to take advantage of that).

    I am very happy with my project and Camry golf. Thank you so much once again


  4. Mike

    Great product, rolls perfectly!

  5. Kevin

    Thanks for the help!

  6. Kris

    Built a custom green that wasn’t rectangular and same provided the build plan and the correct amount of material and had it to me in 3 days.

    Very happy I was able to create a putting area for less than $300, for something that I would previously though would be thousands. These guys are awesome and have provided a great opportunity for all golfers. My son and I thank you very much Camry!

  7. Tim B

    I just finished renovating a room in my home to be a new work-from-home office. The final touch was to add a putting area.

    After some research, I decided to go with the Camry putting carpet and I am incredibly pleased I did. The grey makes it fit right into the room and it rolls nice and true. The creation process was relatively simple and I’m really pleased with the result.

  8. Kyle Nickson

    Purchased this carpet to build a small putting green in my office. I’ve tried multiple putting mats prior and this is by far the best. The ability to add break and see the ball roll into the hole is a game changer. Rolls great and was easy to build/ customize to my liking! I added a cork floor underlayment 3.2mm. Having this at my access is addicting (can’t go a day without practicing). Highly recommend it!!

  9. Sean Veneziano (verified owner)

    Just wanted to say great putting green, and plans. Really enjoyed building it/using it.

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